Cancellation policy

1.1 In case of violation of the Rules by the Player the Casino has the right, but is not obliged:

1.1.2 temporarily limit the Player in using the Casino services and managing / administrating his game account in order to restrict the Player from betting or playing on the Website;

1.1.3 to withdraw from the Player's game account the amount of bonuses, winnings or other payments that the Player has acquired because of violation of these Rules.

2.1 The Casino retains the right to cancel and declare null and void any bet (either partially or in fully) that was subject of an error.

2.2 If You placed a bet or participated in a game by using funds that were mistakenly transferred to You by the Casino, the Casino has the right to cancel all such bets and / or any winnings that You received using such money. In case the Casino has already paid You funds at such rates or games, these amounts will be considered transferred to You for free temporary safe custody, and upon request of the Casino You are obliged to return them immediately to the Casino. If the Player has insufficient funds on his real game account, the Casino may demand that the Player pays the insufficient amount relating to these bets and / or winnings.