Terms & Conditions


1.1 These General Rules (hereinafter referred to as “Rules”) regulate the use of games in the online-casino ARCADE CASINO (hereinafter referred to as the "Casino", "ARCADE CASINO", "We"), provided on the site <casino-arcade.com> (hereinafter referred to as "Website" or “Casino Website”). These Rules, Privacy Policy, Bonuses Policy on and special offers and any other document posted on the Website constitute and govern the contractual relationship between the parties the player (hereinafter referred to as the "Player" or "You") and the Casino.

1.2 Before accepting these Rules, You are kindly requested to read them closely. If You do not agree with any of the Rules, please do not accept the Rules and register Your personal game account, and / or do not continue to use the games provided on the Website. Your further use of the Casino Website will signify Your acceptance of these Rules. These Rules shall enter into force from the moment of their publication on the Website.

1.3 These Rules apply to all platforms and devices that make games available to the Player.

1.4 The current version of the Rules is always available on the main page of the Website. The Casino strongly recommends You periodically check the Rules, to make sure, that you remember all the provisions, agree with them and accept them.

1.5 The Rules and the Privacy Policy shall enter into force after Your acceptance and confirmation of the registration details during the registration of the game account on the Website. By accepting these Rules and the Privacy Policy, You are also acknowledging that you have read the Rules as well as accepted our Privacy Policy, which describes how the Casino will collect, process and share your personal information.

1.6 The text of the Rules was established in Russian, which has legal force. The translation of the Rules into any other language is carried out for information purposes only. In case of any inconsistency or discrepancy between the Russian language text and any other language version, the text of the Rules in Russian shall prevail.


2.1 The Casino retains the right periodically to make amendments, additions and / or changes to these Rules to comply with the requirements and provisions of legislation currently in force. The Casino undertakes to notify the Player about changes made in time during its authorization on the Website, and the Player undertakes to review the amended Rules. By continuing to use the Website, the Player agrees to be bound by these Rules as well as by the latest modifications to them.

2.2 Any amendment, addition and / or change to the Rules shall take effect from the moment they are posted on the Website. Therefore, the Player is recommended regularly and carefully review the Rules, as well as the rules of individual games and other information that will be available and posted on the Website.

2.3 If the Player does not agree with the changes made to the Rules, he/she has the right to terminate the agreement with the Casino, that is, stop using the Website and close the game account in accordance with the Privacy Policy.


3.1 You may only use services provided on the Website, if You are 18 years of age and have full legal capacity. By accepting these Rules, You confirm that you have full legal capacity and have reached the age of 18 and the minimum legal age required in accordance with the laws of the country in which you reside / live. Non-compliance of these requirements is a violation of these Rules. The Casino reserves the right to ask for documents proving Your identity and confirming Your legal age. The Casino has the right to limit or refuse the Player to use the services offered by the Casino until satisfactory proof is provided.

3.2 In some jurisdictions online gambling game may be illegal. The Player understands and accepts that the Casino is unable to give legal consultation or guarantee regarding the legitimacy of the use of the Casino services by the Player. The Casino does not claim that the services comply with the legislation of the Player's jurisdiction. The Player uses the services provided by the Casino at his own choice and discretion, assuming risks and responsibilities as to whether the use of the Casino services is legal and in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Player's jurisdiction

3.3 The Casino does not intend to provide services to the Player, which could conflict with the legislation of the Player’s jurisdiction and place of residence. The Player confirms, warrants and agrees that the use of the Casino services is in accordance with the current laws of his jurisdiction. The Casino is not responsible for any illegal or unauthorized use of the Casino services by the Player.

3.4 Game providers, in their discretion, can determine their own list of Prohibited Countries and restrict the Player's access to their games in the territories of these countries. The rules of the games are the constituent of these Rules, which the Player is obliged to comply.

3.5 The use of the VPN, proxy or any other services for IP disguise by the Player for receiving an access to the Casino Website and / or games is the violation of these Rules and is strictly prohibited.

3.6 The Player confirms that the monetary means deposited on the game account do not have a criminal and / or illegal and / or forbidden origin, and the Player is their rightful owner. Further, the Player assures that all the information provided to the Casino during the registration process and / or in the subsequent time is correct, up-to-date, accurate and fully corresponds to the name (names) on the credit / debit payment card (cards) or other payment accounts to be used to deposit funds into and / or withdraw monies from the Player's game account.

3.7 The Casino retains the right to cancel the registration, to block the Player’s account temporarily or permanently, to withhold all funds, to suspend, withdraw or cancel any payment(s) or winning(s), if there are reasonable grounds to believe that the Player has engaged in fraudulent activities that may include, but are not limited to:

3.7.1 use of stolen, cloned, forged or otherwise illegally received credit or debit card or account data;

3.7.2 chip dumping;

3.7.3 falsification of any data provided by the Player;

3.7.4 entry or attempt to collude, and / or intention directly or indirectly participate in any collude scheme with another player(s) in order to commit acts that could lead to a violation of these Rules;

3.7.5 provision of documents that are forged, stolen or otherwise untrustworthy;

3.7.6 use of automated players ("bots"), malicious programs and / or vulnerability in the software of the Website;

3.7.7 use of the VPN, proxy or any other services for IP disguise.

3.8 The Casino is not responsible for any losses or any damage incurred by the Player as a result of collude, fraudulent activities and / or other illegal transactions.

3.9 The Player agrees that he uses the services provided by the Casino solely of his own free will, on his own decision and at his own risk and agrees not to complain against the Casino in connection with his losses, damages and / or failure associated with the use of the Casino services.

3.10 The Casino is not responsible for any losses or damages that a Player or a third party may incur due to any malfunction of information technology tools caused by attacks, viruses or other technologically harmful materials, use of the Website and / or downloading of any materials posted on the Website, and / or opening of any links that are on the Casino's Website.

3.11 The Player fully understands general methods, rules and procedures for the provision of services and games on the Internet. The Casino may also take other measures it deems appropriate to create a fair and balanced game play environment. The Player understands that he is responsible for ensuring the correctness of the bets and games and is obliged not to commit any activities or actions that may damage the reputation of the Casino.

3.12 The Player is fully responsible for the payment of all taxes and fees, as well as for the independent report submission to the competent authorities, in connection with any winnings received as a result of using the services provided by the Casino.

3.13 The Player is obliged to use the Casino Website only for personal use and entertainment purposes. The Player is not allowed to use the Website for any commercial purposes. Further, the Player is also not allowed to transfer information about the game account so that third parties are able to login and / or in any other way access the Player’s personal account.

3.14 It is forbidden to use abusive or aggressive language or communication or images, to use profanity, threats, humiliating or violent actions towards other player(s) and / or employee(s) of the Casino.

3.15 The Player does not have the right to upload information to the Website in such a large amount that may cause a malfunction in the operation of the Casino Website. Further, the Player is not allowed to conduct any other activities that may affect the operation of the Website. Any mass mailing of information or "spam" is strictly prohibited. It is forbidden to interfere or distort, delete or otherwise change the information that is placed on the Website.

3.16 The Player agrees not to hack, not to try to hack and / or gain access, or otherwise bypass the security system of Casino. If the Casino will have reason to suspect that the Player has tried or is trying to hack, gain access or otherwise bypass the security system or the Casino software, the Player will be prompted to stop such actions. The Casino retains the right to block the Player's game account until the end of the investigation, and inform about competent authorities or organizations about the Player’s actions.

3.17 The Casino has the right to carry out check(s) and / or audit(s) on the bets placed by the Player. If during the audit(s) it turns out that the Player has took part in fraudulent activities or any other type of activities which purpose is to benefit from the use of vulnerabilities and / or errors on the Casino's Website, the Casino may decide to restrict the Player’s access to his account or limit his ability to place any bets, and also temporarily or permanently block the Player's game account. The decision on the payment of funds from the Player's game account is made by the Casino unilaterally.


4.1  In order to gain access to the games, the Player must register on the Website of the Casino, by specifying his legal name and e-mail address together with other necessary Personal Data (as defined in our Privacy Policy) and selecting a username and password that further will be used to log into the system and the game account. The Player must provide the data as it is described in our Privacy Policy. All Personal Data relating to the Player gathered by the Casino during the registration process and / or during the Player’s use of the services provided by the Casino will be recorded and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy only.

4.2 The Casino will be processing Your Personal Data (as defined in our Privacy Policy) from the moment You register on our Website. Due to legal and regulatory requirements (i.e. licensing requirements and Anti-Money Laundering Regulation), Your Personal Data is processed and stored with the Casino as long as You are registered or as long as required by relevant laws and / or regulations / licensing requirements (e.g. minimum of 5 years after closure Your game account).

4.3 We may share the Personal Data provided during the registration process or later with external third parties that provide the Casino with services. However, these external parties may only use Your Personal Data for the same purposes as the Casino shall specify and within these Rules and the Privacy Policy. By agreeing to these Rules and the Privacy Policy and using the Website, You hereby give Your consent for the purposes of all and any data protection legislation and related regulations, for the Casino, to share and transfer necessary personal data to such external third parties.

4.4 On the Website of the Casino can be registered only 1 (one) game account for one Player, IP, mailing address, computer or any other device.

4.5 When registering on the Website, the Player undertakes to provide reliable and true information about himself / herself. In order to confirm the information provided by the Player, the Casino has the right to request verification at any time by asking the Player to provide relevant identity document(s) (including, but not limited to, a copy / photo of the Player's ID / ID cards / or any payment card(s) used). In case the Player did not provide the requested copies / photos of the identity documents requested by the Casino, the provided information is deemed to be unverified / false. It is the violation of these Rules and can be interpreted by Casino as fraudulent activities.

4.6 The Player confirms that during registration on the Casino's Website, he provided accurate, complete and reliable information about himself/herself, and in the event of any changes, undertakes to update and / or amend this information. Non-compliance with this requirement may lead to the blocking of the Player’s game account.

4.7 Duplicating game accounts. It is not allowed to create a duplicate game account. Re-registration of another game account is allowed only with the consent of the Casino in cases of loss of data for access to the active game account by the Player or any other reason, which the Player must immediately notify the Casino. In case of re-registration or attempting to re-register, the Casino has the right to block or close all or any of the game accounts registered under the Player’s name. The Casino, in its sole discretion, can render ineffective all bets placed via the duplicate game account(s). In the event that the Casino decides to allow the Player to continue to use the Casino services, the accounts will be managed so that the Player will have only one (1) active game account to which the game balance from the duplicate account(s) created by the Player will be transferred.

4.8 The decision to refund the monies, which can be on the bonus or real balance side of the duplicate game account(s), is made by the Casino unilaterally.

4.9 The Casino does not accept requests to refund any monies and / or initial deposits from the duplicate game account(s), if opened intentionally with the purpose of receiving bonuses and / or other promotional offers from the Casino or to refund the initial deposit placed by the Player. Further, if the Casino determines that the duplicate game account was created with the intention to defraud the Casino the initial deposit(s)s will not be refunded to the Player.

4.10 For avoidance of any doubt, the Casino Website does not allow the registration of game account(s) for legal entities.


5.1 By agreeing to the Rules, the Player grants the Casino the right to periodically verify the Player's identity and contact information ("Verification") both on the basis of the Casino's decision or at the request of a third party (e.g. a regulatory authority).

5.2. During the Verification, the Casino may limit withdrawal of funds by the Player from his game account.

5.3. In the case the Player provided false, inaccurate, misleading and / or otherwise incomplete, or not supported by the documents requested by the Casino, information, the Player's actions are deemed to be a violation of these Rules and can be interpreted as fraudulent activities.


6.1 After registering a game account, the Player should not disclose his account details to any third party or notify the username (login) and password to his game account on the Casino's Website.

6.2. The Player is fully and solely responsible for the safety of his game account and password as well as for any actions and transactions made on his game account. The Player is fully and solely responsible for all losses he suffers, through the fault of the actions of unauthorized third parties.

6.3. By accepting these Rules, the Player agrees and acknowledges that he must immediately notify the Casino of any unauthorized access of a third party to his game account and / or any other suspected security violation. Upon the request of the Casino, the Player also agrees to provide proof about the alleged unauthorized access. The Casino is not responsible for any damage incurred by the Player due to an unauthorized access or incorrect use of his username and password (login details) by a third party , regardless of whether these actions were authorized by the Player or took place without his knowledge.


7.1. The games offered on the Website are entertainment. The Player must understand that gambling is not a way to make money or cover debts.

7.2. The Casino recommends daily monitoring of the amount of time and money spent in online casinos, as well as familiarizing yourself with our Responsible Gaming Policy.